Although the steps outlined in the instructions should work fine, some users experience no change when adjusting date/time. If this is the case we suggest trying this version:

Simply create a .txt file on your computer and name it “time” (on MAC use program “TextEdit” on Windows us “Notepad”). In that file you will enter the date and time in the following format: hour:minute:second. 

(Ex. 2011.01.31 12:00:00Y) Setting Time and Date. To turn the time and date stamp off, enter N instead of Y. 

Once you’ve created the file, connect the device to your computer via USB and save the .txt file to the device’s root directory NOT IN ANY OF THE SUB FOLDERS. When you connect the device to your computer, it will be assigned a drive letter (ex. C:, D:, E:). When you open that drive, you are in the root directory, or topmost level of the drive.

After you have loaded the file, safely disconnect the device from your computer, turn the device on and off, and the time and date you loaded should now appear on any new videos and photos you record. 

After trying this method, if you are exxperieincing issues, we may be able to send you a file you can install, or walk you through the process. Simply contact customer support!